How to install OCA for Krita

This plugin is installed the same way as other Krita plugins.

Using the plugin importer

  1. Open the Script Importer plugin in Krita via Tools ‣ Scripts ‣ Import Python Plugin...
  2. Locate and import the file you’ve downloaded.
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Restart Krita


  1. Copy (or symlink if you’re developping) both the OCA.desktop file and the OCA folder to the pykrita subfolder of the Krita resources folder.
  2. Start Krita
  3. Go to Settings ‣ Configure Krita...
  4. In the Python Plugin Manager tab, enable the OCA plugin
  5. Restart Krita


To find your resources folder, start Krita and click the Settings ‣ Manage Resources… menu item. This will open a dialog box. Click the Open Resources Folder button.